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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cirque du Soleil - KA - Special 10 Min Teaser

I had the privilege of seeing "KA" when I was in Las Vegas attending Photoshop World in September. It is by far the most spectacular stage show I have ever seen. I loved the combination of marital arts, dance, acrobatics, and heroic legend. The Kabuki-style costumes were beautifully designed. The cavernous theater was mindboggling and reminded me of a set for a sci-fi film.

Of course the rotating stage that was often perpendicular to the audience was a technological marvel. My son told me that it was featured in a CSI episode where some victim was crushed by it. I'll have to look for it in CSI reruns.

If you are traveling to Las Vegas, I would strongly suggest you include KA in your adventures. It was the absolute pinnacle of my visit.

It definitely offset my disappointment in the closure of Star Trek The Experience at the Hilton and the Tut Museum at the Luxor.

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