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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Googe Ad revenues point out differences in online vs broadcast preferences

I found the following infographic breaking down Google's advertising revenues fasciating! I thought it was interesting to not only look at the top 5 advertisers but the highest pay per click ad words. 

Those insurance companies really go after self-employed people looks for health insurance!  I didn't realize how popular zumba dancing was!  A lot of people are looking for hotel deals in New York.  A lot of people are looking for online degree programs.  Home improvement planners are looking for replacement windows and air conditioners. 

AT&T outspends Verizon by over 78% on advertising for telecommunications services with high speed internet being the most sought after.  People actually think there are cheap hybrid cars!  Funerals are the number one gift occasion!  Staples apparently has less confidence in online advertising than Office Depot although I would venture to say I've seen more Staples advertising on TV than spots for Office Depot.  Likewise State Farm way outspends Geico on online advertising but I would say most TV ads I see for car insurance are either Geico or Progressive.  Hmmmm.....

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